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Research and Grants

Grant application

The Malaysian Society of Infection Control & Diseases (MSICD) is pleased to offer a research grant for those interested in pursuing research related to infection control and diseases. This opportunity is open to members of MYICID society who have a planned research project or paper for journal publication.


The aim of the grant is to provide financial support for research initiatives, helping to advance the field of infection control and diseases. Through this grant, MYICID hopes to fund important research and support the development of innovative projects. To apply for the grant, download the form and submit to us.

Click HERE to download the grant application form


Myicid supported research

The Malaysian Society of Infection Control & Diseases (MYICID) is committed to providing the latest information on infection control and diseases in Malaysia. We also provide research grants for scientific and clinical researches, as well as grants for journal publications. We are sharing the publications and researches supported by MYICID

(Will be updated)

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