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MY Antimicrobial Stewardship Course 


Welcome to the MY AMS Course, an online training platform using case-based scenarios to strengthen antimicrobial prescribing knowledge and skills. Global antimicrobial resistance combined with a dearth of new antibiotics has created an urgent need for appropriate use of existing arsenal of antimicrobials. Appropriate antimicrobial prescribing improves patient outcomes and reduces the emergence of resistance.  

Antimicrobial stewardship is the solution - a set of coordinated interventions designed to improve antimicrobial prescribing by promoting  optimal choice, dose, duration and route of administration. Everyone can be an "antimicrobial steward" by practicing appropriate prescribing and educating those around you! 

Learning objectives:

By the end of this course, participants should be able to understand the fundamentals of antimicrobial prescribing and tools for stewardship, and how to apply them in common clinical scenarios in their daily practice.

Who should participate? This course is suitable for doctors, pharmacists, nurses or anyone who is interested in this topic.

This course is divided into several sections. Each section may have more than 1 module. You may choose to attempt as many categories as you like.  The modules provide narrated lessons with slides and includes case based discussions to illustrate the learning points. 

How to participate?


World Hand Hygiene Day 2021

Your Guide to Mask

Visit CDC website for more information regarding recommendation for wearing mask in public setting, gatherings and events.​


  • Management of Dengue Infection in Adults (Third Edition): (Full) / (QR)

  • Management of HIV Infection in Children: (Full)

  • Management of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women: (Full)

  • Management of Dengue Fever in Children: (Full / QR )


  • Medical Management on Covid-19 and Case Studies (Slideshare)

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